Celebrating Values- week long activities: Day 1
'Celebrating Values' - week long activities: Day 1 "He who serves the most, reaps the most." The students of today are the future of tomorrow. They'll shape the world so they must have all the requisite knowledge and qualities to build a strong world. It is vital to inculcate good values amongst them and thus nurture them into citizens with strong character who can make this world a better place. Hence, In Sarvottam International School children are celebrating Values Week. On first day of value week teachers discussed about care and compassion as the value of the month. Students Express their love and gratitude to their Grandparents and Parents by showing small gestures like offering glass of water, playing games with them etc. #valueweek #careandcompassion #love #gratitude #sarvottamnoida #schoolsingreaternoida #education #LifeIsHappeningAtSarvottam