Raksha Kavach Drive and Rakhi Celebration-2020

Rakshabandhan  is one of the auspicious festivals in India which is celebrated
with great fun and excitement all over the country. It means a Bond of Protection.
Similarly, it is increasingly imperative to develop a strong bond of protection and relationship with the flora and fauna in the present times.
To emote their feelings for nature and its resources, our little Sarvottamites celebrated Raksha Kawach Drive on Monday, July 27, 2020.
Two very thoughtful activities were conducted on this day.
Students tied red threads (mouli/ribbon/paper rakhi) to plants at home and sent
across the message of saving environment and making people aware about the benefits of plants in daily lives. This activity was named as “Vrikshabandhan”
They also paid respect and showed love to the Head of their Family by tying rakhi
to them. This activity was names as“Aadarshbandhan”.
The gestures of the students paying their gratitude towards Mother Nature and to their elders expressed their affection and care for them.
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