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Developing the intellectual abilities of the students is vital and it helps them excel in educational prospects. However, keeping the students active and fit along with an active intellect is also essential. Sports and physical activities are essential for the development of students as it contributes to their physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being.
Lately, there has been increased attention to the academic and enrichment activities of the mind at the expense of physical activities, sports and recreation of the children. Physical fitness is as important as the intellectual development of students in the current scenario. Experts also advocate children physical well-being to make them prosper in every prospect of their life along with educational prospects. It helps them seek the balance in life and create the optimal development milieu.
Here is how keeping the students fit alongside developing there intellect is important and essential.

1. Makes academic performance prosper

When the students are physically fit and mentally active, it advocates their academic performance and learning approach as well. With improved levels of concentration and well-composed behaviours, students can do better at academic levels.

2. Allows them to interweave with fellow pupils

Improvement of social interaction and cooperation is achieved through physical activities and sports. It instils positive character in the individuals and has a vital role in promoting the growth of a student.

3. Moderates stress level

Where the majority of the school curriculum focuses on core subjects and bookish learning, it pressurizes the students to a certain extent. Playing and getting involved in other physical activities help the students cope with their stress levels.

4. Advocates mental and physical development

Physical activities and sports develop the physical ability of the students. Also, it develops the fitness of the students making them healthy and active. Also, it stimulates the mental ability and well being in the students.

5. Endorse better focus

Continuous involvement in books and studies can make students lose their focus. Taking a break and doing something fun and active helps them to refresh and clear up the clutter from their minds.

6. Inculcate a positive demeanour

Physical activities and sports contribute to the moral development of the students as they get the opportunity to take their actions. It instils a positive approach and behaviour towards everything in them.

7. Stimulates self-awareness

Team-work, cooperation, mental awareness and active mind help in stimulating in self-awareness in the students. It helps in improving their learning abilities and develops its capabilities. Self-awareness will help students to determine their capacities and work on them.

8. Propagandize multi-task functioning

While playing, students involve themselves in various activities at once which help them in developing their multi-tasking capacities. Coordination, focus, instincts, body movements and more is to be coordinated which penetrates other life aspects too.
Physical fitness has a key role in the development of a student throughout. Various factors contribute to the physical development of the students and there are advantages in every aspect of student life.