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Not all learning occurs in formal educational settings. The playground is where some of the best life lessons are picked up. The time when exams and textbooks dominated education is long gone. With an emphasis on all facets of growth and development, modern education is more inclusive and interesting. This is why athletics are a vital component of education in Sarvottam International School, the best school in Noida.

Sports’ importance in education :

The benefits of sports to physical fitness are universally acknowledged. They also aid in maintaining health and increasing endurance. However, how do they impact education and academics? What role do sports have in a student’s life? You’ve come to the right place if you can’t discover the answers to these queries. In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the main advantages of sports for academic success.


Children learn coordination, cooperation, and leadership through team sports. They are able to play as a team (putting differences aside) and ultimately win the matches because they recognise that each team member’s input directly influences the outcome. This optimistic outlook is extremely helpful in both the classroom and in everyday life. One must be a team player whether working on school projects or for an organisation, and sports teach youngsters this very early in life.


Sports, both team and individual, need a lot of discipline. You can lose the game with just one poor decision or carelessness. Children gradually come to understand the necessity of being focused and disciplined in order to achieve in both sports and academics.

Management of time :

 You lose if you sleep. Every day, sports teach us this lesson. The majority of games have a time limit and demand planning and time management. Exams follow the same pattern. Every youngster has to learn how to efficiently manage their time and divide their tasks because it is a highly valuable ability. Fortunately, sports make it simple for them! Sports players consistently complete their tests in the allocated time, as has been observed time and time again.
Sports and education are closely related to one another. Children who participate in sports actually outperform those who don’t when it comes to learning, according to studies. They typically learn ideas more quickly and concentrate better. Sarvottam International School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh emphasis on athletics and academics. We firmly believe that education includes activities, games, and projects in addition to what is written on the whiteboard.
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