Think Tank

In this world full of hope, abundant with beliefs, there is nothing compared to the beauty on the face of a happy child.

There is no picture as beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet and alluring as their clear and ringing laughter. The best way to make children successful is to make them happy. Happiness of the little ones is our real success.
We are an institute that is not just child centric but is also skill concerned. We believe in instilling values, building up personality with high moral conduct hence equipping our children with all the essentials for leading a fulfilling life. We believe in working together with parents to benefit the child to the optimum level.
The purpose and intend behind a task defines its success. Our education ideology at Sarvottam –Top International School in Greater Noida West, is very simple yet unique. We believe in empowering the child in a way that results in reduction of any sort of adult interference. Leaving room for artistic endeavors and independent achievements, is a fun way to get students focused.  It is every parent’s dream to see their child become independent and confident. For the same our day here is planned so as to make our children curious which in turn results in exploration that finally leads to building of a very rare but essential skill that is problem solving and decision-making ability. Our children are not just self-reliant but resilient and determined also, as is a well-known scientific fact that children who are independent and possess the ability to self-aid are the happiest and most content.
Is there a child who is not happy to see a star on the cheek, get a pat at the back and have a medal around the neck? We understand the value of rewards and know that a little appreciation can go a long way, hence we organize multiple events and participate in interschool competitions frequently to cater to the students with different abilities and god gifts. After all, ‘All study and no work makes Jack a dull boy.’
Our motive behind all that we do is to provide our children with a very important skill set, to be able to instill the value of team work and provide them with a sense of belonging and pride we have divided our children into four houses; the motto, the color, the symbol for which are carefully chosen in order to symbolize an essential ethic. Competition is not just about the win. Healthy competition promotes consistency in efforts, constant self-improvement and promotes self-awareness and evaluation. To induce sportsman spirit in our little minds we are always enthusiastic about the inter-class, intra-class, inter- house and inter-school events. Keeping abreast with new researches and modern needs of modern times, we try to maintain a good balance of curricular and co-curricular activities so that schooling never becomes boring.
We all can agree with the fact that education is incomplete without the values, life skills, self-awareness, developed personality, principals, conscience and proper conduct. Along with that we cannot undermine role of academics. We lay great stress on scholastic upliftment of the child that results in linguistic, numeric development and brings in environmental awareness. We at Sarvottam believe in moving ahead of times and industry to be able to give the most to our children. We have devised a pedagogy that aims at equipping our children with the wings of creativity through being able to remembering concepts, understanding and applying them, analyzing and evaluating the ways to deal with a situation. We have left no stone unturned when it comes to providing exposure to the young ones. We firmly believe that a happy and calm child turns into a well-focused and alert citizen in times ahead.