Cooking without Fire / Baking (Activity)-2020

On the occasion of Independence Day, Cooking without Fire/Baking Activity was organised for the students I in which the students had to prepare a colourful dish without the use of fire on the theme 'Colours of Freedom'. The students came up with different dishes like tri-colour sandwiches, colourful pastas, ladoos, papads and lots more. Not only this, they also prepared the recipe booklet adding more value to their dish.

Winners of Class 4
First-Vaishnavi Katiyaar 4D
Second-Anvi Singh 4A
Third-Lavanya Kukreti 4B

Winners of Class 5
First- Aaditri Sahni 5B and Meet Kapoor 5C
Second- Tanishka Tripathi 5A and Aarav Goyal 5B
Third-Priyanshi Agarwal 5C
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