Maths quiz
Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding" To have a better understanding of Mathematics, Math quiz was conducted on 12/11/2021(Friday) where 3 participants were selected from each house. 4 Rounds were conducted in the quiz. Round 1 was about the basic questions about the syllabus. Round 2 was dealing with mental Ability( Verbal & Non Verbal). In Round 3 questions about Indian Mathematicians & their inventions were asked. Round 4 was a Rapid fire round. Phoenix house won the math quiz with highest points. Participants were: Daksh Varshney (8B) Trisha Varshney (7A) Mrida (6B) #MathematicsQuiz #SchoolActivities #Learning #braingames #Best #school #bestschoolinnoidaextension #LifeIsHappeningAtSarvottam