Stem club activity- day 4
‘’Science is simply the word used to describe a method of organising our CURIOSITY” The STEM learning is all about art intergration and establishes a hands-on creative learning enviornment, engaging students with the content at multiple levels and developing problem solving skills. STEM prepares kids for future. It fosters creativity and curiosity in children which strengthens their cognition. The Fourth day experiment was all about how soap has the ability to break the surface tension of the water. Secondly, when you consider pepper as germs, it will help children to understand why it is important to wash hands with soap to get rid of germs. In the little Einstein club, interesting experiments were conducted for nursery to grade 2 wherein our young Sarvottamites thoroughly enjoyed and were curious to learn new things. #stemclubday4 #creativelearning #curiosity #engagingstudents #creativework #brainstorming #sarvottamnoida #schoolsingreaternoida #education #LifeIsHappeningAtSarvottam