World art day (3&4)
"A beautiful body perishes but a work of art dies not." -Leonardo da Vinci Art develops inventiveness and provides a mean to express imagination, beauty and ideas. It affects our mind in a positive way, making us feel happier, calmer and inspired. The Sarvottamities of grades 3 and 4 stood in one accord to celebrate "World Art Day" on 15th April 2021. Children participated in the art activity organised by the school on MS Teams. The theme for their art activity was 'Warli.' With the cooperation of the parents and under the supervision of the class teachers, children performed their activity to the best of their abilities. It was a great learning experience and good teamwork. #WorldArtDay2021 #warliart #creativity #fun #activities #happiness #bestschoolinnoidaextension #LifeIsHappeningAtSarvottam