Student Council

A Leader is one who -

knows the way,

goes the way,

and shows the way…

In order to scale the heights and reach the pinnacle of success, Sarvottam International School always strives to inculcate a sense of responsibility and commitment among the students with their heads held high, ready to shoulder responsibilities as leaders.

The elected members of the student council are vested with their responsibilities at a solemn occasion- The investiture Ceremony wherein all the young students prepare to don the mantle of leadership and responsibility while carrying it out with utmost dedication. They pledge to work earnestly and uphold the honor and glory of their institution


The house is inspired by the mightiness of the regal lion. The stand for strength courage and justice.the member of leo house are deemed as the future leaders paving uncharted roads in all their might majesty and wisdom

Inspired by the free and victorious horse, the Arion House stands for velocity, vitality, and grace. Arion is picked from the Greek mythology to represent a mythical divinely bred horse. The members of the Arion House are looked up-to as swift, undefeated warriors, triumphant in strife.

The Ursa House takes inspiration from the fearless and valorous bear. It represents strength in adversity Power in action and empathy in attitude. Ursa stands for a grounding force, inner strength and power of the self. The members of this House are seen as empathic, fearless and heroic beings who are able to channel their inner strength in leadership.

Inspired by the mythical bird, Phoenix, this House stands for renewal, resurrection and the ability to overcome challenges. It channels fire and radiance. The Phoenix bird represents rebirth from ashes. Therefore,the members of this House are deemed as a resilient, strong and powerful team, who are able to illuminate their surroundings and scale the higher skies. 

Affiliation No.- 2132551 | School Code:- 61039