CBSE Curriculum

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At Sarvottam, early education is an exciting adventure filled with diverse and engaging learning experiences across five levels, known as the Fantastic Five. We recognize and celebrate the unique talents of each child. Our curriculum integrates globally renowned educational theories, including:

Reggio Emilia: Fosters self-discovery and comprehensive skills through active learning.

High Scope: Encourages knowledge building through exploration and practical experiences.

Montessori: Promotes self-directed learning and collaborative play in a supportive environment.

Waldorf: Integrates thinking, feeling, and doing through a balanced curriculum of academics and arts.

Bank Street: Develops the whole child with a focus on emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth through interactive experiences.



The primary school curriculum captures the interest as well as the imagination of students and integrates time – tested skills of teaching and learning, empowering them to become high-end achievers. Parallel to the language curriculum is our language enrichment program which is aimed to develop communication skills. Our program integrates technology and the expressive arts and offers children multiple opportunities for public speaking and presentations as core 21st-century skills.

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Our middle school curriculum offers a broad and balanced academic program which beliefs in the innate capacity of every child to achieve, excel and succeed. This ability is fostered through high-quality academics, involved and caring parents and competent and dedicated staff providing a climate of positive learning and continuous growth through measurable high standards.

Subjects at the Middle School Level:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer Science
  • Social Studies
  • Moral Science
  • French / Hindi / German


At our upper primary stage, integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and the introduction of integrated thematic approaches to the teaching of Social Sciences, are some of the new elements of the curriculum.

  • Languages: Emphasis on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Science and Technology: Focus on inquiry-based learning and learning by doing through research and experiments.
  • Social Science: Developing social skills rather than mere acquisition of facts.
  • Mathematics: is taught with a problem-solving approach.
  • Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education and Sports activities are included in the timetable to ensure holistic development.
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