Holistic Nurturing

The career counselling cell in the school's Wellness Club is focused on guiding and assisting students in making informed decisions regarding their future careers. The primary ideology of the career counselling cell is to provide support and resources to help students explore different career options, identify their interests and skills, and make well-informed career choices.

The outcomes of the career counselling cell include helping students gain clarity about their career goals, providing guidance on educational pathways, and assisting with the development of necessary skills and experiences for their chosen careers. The cell also organizes workshops, seminars, and interactions with professionals from various fields to provide insights into different career paths.

The methodologies employed by the career counselling cell often involve individual and group counselling sessions, career assessments, and personalized career planning. They help students with resume writing, interview preparation, and connecting them with internships or job shadowing opportunities. The cell also facilitates career fairs and collaboration with external organizations or alumni networks to provide exposure to real-world career opportunities.

The career counselling cell focuses on guiding students towards making informed career choices.

Wellness Programme
Wellness Programme

On the other hand, the mental well-being cell in the wellness club focuses on promoting positive mental health among students. The ideology of the mental well-being cell revolves around creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students, raising awareness about mental health issues, and providing resources for coping with stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

The outcomes of the mental well-being cell include fostering a sense of emotional well-being among students, promoting resilience, and reducing stigma surrounding mental health. The cell organizes workshops, awareness campaigns, and guest talks by mental health professionals to address various topics like stress management, self-care, mindfulness, and building healthy relationships.

The methodologies employed by the mental well-being cell often involve organizing support groups, counselling sessions, and providing access to mental health resources and services. They collaborate with external mental health organizations or professionals for specialized support or referrals. Additionally, the cell create safe spaces within the school where students can seek guidance and support from trained counsellors or peer mentors.

The mental well-being cell emphasizes promoting positive mental health.