Learning At Sarvottam

Little Sarvottam
Foundation School
Age Group Teacher-Student Ratio
Pre- Nursery: 2.5 years and above Pre- Nursery - 1:10
Nursery: 3 years and above Nursery to II - 1:28
KG: 4 years and above
Grade 1: 5 years and above
Grade 2: 6 years and above
Foundation School:

This stage of education as per the national education policy will comprise 3 years or preschool followed by two years of primary classes (classes 1 and 2). This stage will focus on teaching in play-based or activity-based methods and on the development of language skills.

Primary School (Grade 3 - 5)
3 Years of Primary School:
For Ages: 8 to 11
For Classes: 3 to 5
Primary School:

The focus in the preparatory stage will remain on language development and numeracy skills. Here, the method of teaching and learning would be play and activity-based and include classroom interactions and the element of discovery.

Preparatory Stage
Little Sarvottam
Middle School (Grade 6 - 8)
For Ages: 11 to 14
For Classes: 6 to 8
Middle School:

As per NEP, this stage of school education will focus on critical learning objectives, which is a big shift from the rote learning methods used in our education system for years. This stage will work on experiential learning in the sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences and humanities.

Senior School (Grade 9 - 12)
3 Years of Senior School:
For Ages: 14 to 18
For Classes: 9 to 12
Senior School:

This stage will cover two phases’ classes 9 and 10, and classes 11 and 12. The major change in these classes is the shift to a multidisciplinary system where students will have access to a variety of subject combinations that they can choose as per their skills and interest areas instead of being strictly divided into Arts, Science and Commerce categories. This stage will again push for greater critical thinking and flexibility in the thought process.

Preparatory Stage