Bringing out the Best

We believe that we will not only turn out students who score well academically, but we will also tap the latent talent of each individual, seeking out methods to bring out the best in each child. Keeping this in mind, the school is set up to hone the individual strengths and interests of each child through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and Co-scholastic assessment parameters. At Sarvottam we have taken education beyond the conventional chalk-and-talk model. To pave the way for young minds for a bright future, we have the IAYP program in place. This program is one of the factors making Sarvottam the best school in Noida extension. IAYP or International Award for Young People is a global self-development program for students that aims to foster innovation, open doors to other nations and cultures, as well as bring new and international opportunities for the students.

There are four compulsory sections in the program.

Wellness Programme

It is aimed to help students learn how to help needy people, like the disabled or elders. They will be volunteering in hospitals, care and detention centres, and similar places during the program. Voluntary service also includes sports coaching, helping local newspapers, acting in a leadership role, carrying out health surveys, providing first aids, etc.

Voluntary Service

The adventurous journey encourages learners to explore the natural world of adventure, historical places, discover dynamics of groups in difficult situations, and go on a purposeful journey.

Adventurous Journey
Wellness Programme
Wellness Programme

The skills section in the International Award for Young People program develops several practical skills and interests. These include music, crafts, arts, games, life skills, vocational skills, etc. This section significantly helps students to discover their interests, develop new skills, and enhance their existing skills.


The objective of including physical activities in the program is to keep students physically active and improve their performance in the sports of their choice. They get to participate in various sports and physical activities, such as ball sports, water sports, winter sports, martial arts, dancing, fitness activities, etc.

Physical Recreation
Wellness Programme
Wellness Programme

IAYP Bronze level Adventure Journey for Sarvottamites. Engaging in the International Award for Young People (IAYP), a group of Sarvottamites embark on a transformative adventure journey. This pursuit not only enhances their skills and fosters teamwork but also contributes to building a robust profile and meaningful portfolio, showcasing their achievements and personal growth.


At Sarvottam School, we believe in nurturing not just students, but also leaders who inspire and guide their peers towards a brighter future. Peer education stands as a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, fostering a culture where knowledge is shared, and learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Peer education at Sarvottam School embodies the spirit of collaboration and empowerment. It provides a platform for students to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from each other's unique perspectives. Through peer-led initiatives, students develop essential life skills such as communication, leadership, empathy, and critical thinking, preparing them to navigate the complexities of the modern world with confidence and resilience.

Peer Education
Wellness Programme